Putin: labor market in Russia completely restored

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that unemployment rate in Russia has decreased and the labor market is now completely restored.

«Unemployment rate decreased to 4.3% in September. This is precisely the pre-pandemic level. Today we can already say that the labor market in Russia has completely restored», said Putin at the VTB Capital investment forum «RUSSIA CALLING!» on Tuesday.

Quoting Putin, «this has not yet been achieved in many leading economies of the world».

«Our strategic objective is to support and fix positive trends in the Russian economy, ensure its long-term sustainable development or, as the experts say, increase potential rates of economic growth», said the Head of State.

Putin also stated that «Among the largest economies of the world, Russia was the first to normalize its budgetary policy».

He noticed that starting next year, Russia will strictly follow the fiscal rule when forming and implementing the state budget.

The President also said that all citizen support measures that are being implemented momentarily comply with budgetary limits and are carried out at the expense of additional budgetary income and the redistribution of budget income. " Thus, they have no inflationary consequences", claimed Putin.