Oreshkin describes three scenarios of how new COVID strain can influence world economy

According to the Russian Deputy President Maxim Oreshkin, the world economy is currently dependent on coronavirus; there are three situation development scenarios for the new «omicron» strain, and we have to be ready for each of them.

«Of course, today our economic situation and policy depend on coronavirus. There is a new strain, everyone is talking about it», said Oreshkin in his speech at the «RUSSIA CALLING!» forum.

According to him, there are three basic scenarios of how the «omicron» strain will develop and influence the economy.

«There is a negative scenario. In it, the virus will spread faster, the severity of the disease will remain high, and the virus will be able to outmaneuver the existing vaccines and tests. This is the worst-case scenario. Naturally, it could in many aspects launch the entire coronavirus situation all over again», Oreshkin said.

The second scenario is «false alarm». «There are a lot of other letters between delta and omicron in the Greek alphabet. Many other strains were given such names, carried certain risks but were quickly forgotten nonetheless», stated the Russian Deputy President.

Oreshkin described the third scenario as positive. «This is the case when the severity of the infection will be moderate with the virus spreading rapidly. A number of evidence from Africa suggests that there is a possibility of moderate severity. If this scenario plays out, the new strain may expulse „delta“ from population while dropping the severity of the illness», said Oreshkin.

He noted that unfortunately, the last scenario is not very likely, but there is still information to gather: carrying out all the necessary studies and tests will take a few more weeks.

«For economic policy it is important that we do not wonder what scenario is going to occur but instead prepare for all of them», highlighted the Deputy President.