New economy, ESG, investment trends: what will be discussed at "RUSSIA CALLING!"

An open dialogue with investors, emerging trends in the global economy, growth sectors for investment, sustainable development and breakthrough infrastructure projects will be the topics discussed at 13th VTB Capital Investment Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" during five sessions. The forum will be held on November 30 - December 1.

The theme of this year’s forum is “Rethinking Priorities, Embracing Sustainability”. The discussion will open on November 30 with the macroeconomic panel "New Economic Policy: Green and Technological Transformation". The session will touch upon issues of monetary and budgetary policy in Russia, climate change and the economy of ecosystems.

The second day of the forum will open with a session of VTB Infrastructure Holding "Infrastructure Projects – Drivers of Economic Growth", where experts will discuss the possibilities of implementing breakthrough development projects, key performance indicators and ESG criteria in infrastructure, as well as the problems of de-bureaucratizing construction.

The second day will continue with the session “Drop in the ocean or a tidal wave: what effect do individual investors have on stock markets?” organized by VTB Capital Investments.

“Over the past two years, the number of investors in Russia has tripled, and the volume of individual trades on the US stock market is already comparable to the volume of mutual and hedge funds. The retail investor is becoming an increasingly important force. How rapid democratization is changing the market, what new trends it creates, where to invest in 2022, what risks and opportunities are posed for the stock markets by the actions of global central banks, ESG investment, IPOs on Russian stock exchanges and abroad - we will discuss this and much more on December 1,” noted the CEO of VTB Capital Investments, Senior Vice President at VTB Vladimir Potapov.

The forum will end with a business session on sustainable development. “The problem of global warming is becoming more and more urgent. All over the world there are discussions about the need to reduce CO2 emissions, consumption and switch to alternative energy sources. However, measures taken in such a quick manner will undoubtedly affect society. It is important to consider that many developing countries today are not yet in a position to switch to green energy. Therefore, when solving environmental problems, it is necessary to keep social problems in mind, such as reducing the level of poverty and raising the level of education. What comes first in the three letters - E-S-G? Do you need to change their sequence? And how does the ESG agenda affect Russia? We plan to discuss all this on December 1.” said Dmitry Snesar, Head of Client Coverage, Senior Vice President at VTB.

Session broadcasts and the forum program can be found on the official website.