Moscow Exchange negotiating with 30-40 companies on IPO in nearest future

The Moscow Exchange is negotiating with 30-40 companies that will be ready for IPO in the nearest future, reported the head of trading platform Yuri Denisov.

«We are negotiating with 30-40 companies that will be ready for IPO in the nearest future. Mainly these are businesses started within the last 10 years, specifically technology companies of the new economy», he told at the VTB Capital investment forum «RUSSIA CALLING!».

In 2020-2021, the Moscow Exchange conducted IPO and SPO transactions totaling more than RUB 650bn, Denisov said. In 2021, there were six IPOs on Mosbirzha, three of which occurred only on the Russian site. At the same time, retail investors show high interest in initial public offerings, he noted. «The role of physical entities who have entered the Russian market and who create additional liquidity is high. We can see now that the share of physical entities in company IPOs comprises from 10 to 30%», stated Denisov.

At the same time, there have been changes in companies entering the markets. «Since 2019, the share of non-commodity sector on the Moscow exchange has increased from 32 to 42%. Out of 220 emitents that are currently trading on the Moscow Exchange, 10% entered within the last five years», added the head of the stock exchange.

About the forum

«Russia calling!» investment forum has been held since 2009. Traditionally, it is attended by representatives of the Russian government authorities, the biggest international corporations and leading Russian companies. The agenda encompasses key relevant issues of the global economy, finance and business sphere.