Investment Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" will be held November 30 - December 1 in online format

The 13th VTB Capital Investment Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" will take place between November 30 - December 1, 2021. Its central theme is “Rethinking Priorities, Embracing Sustainability”. The participants and guests of the forum, which will be held in an online format, are representatives of the business community and political circles from around the world.

Yuri Soloviev, First Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank:

"The business world is undergoing fundamental changes - they began long before the pandemic, but Covid has exacerbated and accelerated the development of trends that we are working with today. We see how the infrastructure of entire countries and regions is being rebuilt, how technological and financial ecosystems are changing traditional business models, how the retail investor affects the movement of the market, and the climate agenda determines the long-term prospects for the development of the world's economies. The objective of this year’s forum is to discuss what risks and opportunities this reality opens up for us. There is no doubt that we are in for a race in efficiency - technological, digital, social, communication, legal - across all industries. Can we become winners and what resources do we have, where to find drivers for business transformation and how to adapt to changes - we need to find answers to these important questions."

Over the course of the Forum, four sessions will be held. They will focus on the main trends of the modern economy - technological and climate transformation, the influence of retail investors on the stock market and ESG.

The Forum will be broadcast to a wide audience and any viewer from anywhere in the world with Internet access will be able to join the broadcast and hear the speakers' speeches. Experts will take part in discussions from studios around the world, including Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East.

VTB Capital Investment Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" is held since 2009. Every year the event attracts an authoritative audience, including representatives of government agencies, heads of Russian and international companies, and investors. The agenda of the forum covers the most pressing issues of the global economy, finance and business sectors. The forum's influence and informative value for the business community has been repeatedly recognized by a number of international awards, including the IPRA Golden World Awards, Extel Survey, Communicate Magazine's Corporate and Financial Awards.