Forum News RUSSIA CALLING! 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

  • Global economy recovery rates questionable due to a new COVID strain
  • Instructed the Government to update its plan to combat coronavirus considering emergence of the new Omicron strain
  • Noted high inflation pressure, leading the world into a new pandemic wave
  • Global price growth caused by a number of reasons, supply chains are disrupted
  • Budget deficit growth and global inflationary risks to stay across the world
  • Food price growth risks increasing globally, felt in Russia as well
  • We need not only to manage inflation outcomes but focus on prevention measures
  • Did not rule out new support measures for residents, based on available resources
  • All social support measures in the RF are within the budget
  • The Bank of Russia’s monetary policy maintains inflation suppression
  • RF GDP growth over 9 months amounted to 4,6%, 4,2% growth expected by year’s end
  • Labor market in the RF has fully recovered. The unemployment level in the RF is down to 4,3%
  • Increasing the share of infrastructure investments in the GDP of the RF is a long-term priority
  • Up to 2024 inclusively RUB 2,5 trillion will be allocated on a repayable basis for major infrastructure projects
  • Demanded to provide unconditional security of private personal data during digitalization
  • Higher availability of loans to growing promising enterprises going further
  • Russian stock indices climbed the pre-pandemic level
  • Instructed the Government to prepare tax deduction measures for long-term retail stock market investments