CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, is the leading global broadcaster of live business and financial news and information, reporting directly from the major financial markets around the globe, with three regional networks in Asia, EMEA and the US.
In EMEA, CNBC is the only real-time, pan-regional business and financial news network dedicated to CEOs, senior corporate executives, the financial services industry and EMEA investors. The channel is available in more than 146.9 million homes, 1,400 banks and financial institutions and leading hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Additionally CNBC.com gives you access to live streams of all three CNBC regional networks and to the world’s most comprehensive archive of business news videos ever assembled. CNBC is a division of NBC Universal
The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business news organisations, is recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.
Providing extensive news, comment and analysis, the newspaper is printed at 18 print sites across the globe, has a readership of 2.2 million people worldwide daily. FT.com is the definitive home for business intelligence on the web, providing an essential source of news, comment, data and analysis for the global business community. FT.com attracts 14.9 million unique users, 6,1 registered users, 495000 FT.com subscribers generating more than 100 000 million page views (AGDA 2016).
The Wall Street Journal is the world's leading business news source bringing you unparalleled markets coverage and industry scoops.
More business executives read the Journal globally than any other publication; its peerless reporting and analysis informs decisions that drive the world forward.
Established in 1996, FinanceAsia has developed into a full service partner for a variety of institutions wishing to reach and engage with an audience of influential business, finance and investment executives.
FinanceAsia is a respected and authoritative source of independent news with in-depth analysis and insight into Asia’s financial markets. We reach our global audience via a bi-monthly magazine, daily updated digital platform, bespoke research and a series of industry leading events.
Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of news and information for professional markets.
Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers. The business has operated in more than 100 countries for more than 100 years. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. For more information, visit www.thomsonreuters.com.
The first and only Russian television channel broadcasting world and national news 24/7, featuring economic analysis and interviews with leading politicians and experts.
Its trademark is broadcasting top global events, including economic forums, summits, rocket launches, etc. Rossia 24 is also the most regularly cited Russian news channel by other media.
RBC is leading media group with media projects that inform the audience about the most important news and trends in economy and business. Timely information and high quality analytics on all platforms – web, mobile devices, TV, and the press available 24/7 – help our audience make decisions and manage finances.
Vedomosti is a Russian language business daily.

More than 100 journalists in Moscow and regions of Russia, with the help of reporters of Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal’s international networks, inform readers on a daily basis about the most important economic, political, financial and corporate events, offering an in-depth analysis and forecasts.

PH «Kommersant» was founded in 1989.
Nowadays, it is one of the eldest Russian publishing houses and one of the most authoritative and influential mass-media in the country, whose main principles are efficiency, authenticity and objectiveness.
Business FM - Russia’s first business radio station.
Broadcasting in Moscow at the frequency 87.5 FM, Saint-Petersburg - 107,4 FM, Ufa - 107,5 FM, Kaliningrad - 101,8 FM, Ekaterinburg - 99,4 FM, Krasnoyarsk - 104,2 FM, Сhelyabinsk – 100,8 FM, Nignii Novgorod- 107,8 FM, Novosibirsk - 105,7 FM, Samara - 90,6 FM, Rostov- on Don – 106,6 FM. Business FM provides an exclusive product for a small segment of the general public but the most active and influential one, which in minutes must have the full spectrum of information about money. Business FM is a member company of the RUMEDIA group of companies.
Interfax is the leading information group in the CIS and the recognized leader in the B2B segment of Russia’s information market.
Interfax dates back to 1989, the founding of the Interfax News Agency, which became the country's first nongovernmental outlet for up-to-the-minute political and economic news. Interfax is the most frequently cited source for information on Russia and the CIS in the world media and the most popular newswire service on the Russian financial market. Interfax develops professional information solutions that help companies operate in the financial and commodity markets, enabling them to make investment decisions, manage risk, organize external communications and fulfill regulatory requirements. Interfax's best-known IT services include SPARK (counterparty risk management), SCAN (media analysis and monitoring), ASTRA (analytical solution for compliance with Russian law on transfer pricing), X-Compliance (Know Your Customer solution to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing legislation), SPARK-Marketing (analysis of commodity markets), Regulatory news disclosure center (e-DISCLOSURE.RU), RU DATA (reference data and analytics). Interfax develops partnerships with the leading world brands. Working with Sberbank of Russia and Experian, Interfax created the United Credit Bureau, Russia’s market leader for consumer credit information. Interfax's joint venture with Dun & Bradstreet, another international information market leader, provides business information.
Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua in short, founded on November 7, 1931, is the state news agency of China and world news agency as well.
With its headquarters in Beijing, Xinhua has established 33 branches in China’s provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and has resident correspondents in Taiwan Province. There are more than 180 overseas bureaus, constituting a worldwide network of news and information gathering and releasing. Xinhua had a multi-lingual, multi-media, multi-channel, multi-level, multi-function news release system, offering its broad clients news and financial information products in the form of text, photo, graphic, audio, video and mobile phone message 24 hours a day in eight languages of Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Japanese. Within the print media sector Xinhua News Agency has a portfolio of more than 20 newspapers and magazines, with combined single-issue circulation topping 10 million. Its highly respected newspapers, such as “The Xinhua Daily Telegraph”, and news magazines, such as the popular “Outlook”, are among the most authoritative and influential publications in the country. Xinhua also has the largest multilingual databank in China’s media industry. By the end of 2013 it had stored 120 million text messages, more than 19 million photo and graphic products, 650 000 hours of audio and video news broadcasts. This constantly upgraded and daily-growing databank provides modern, fast, commercial intelligence that displays Xinhua’s news and information products in many languages and multimedia formats, directly serving its end users of China and abroad.
VTB Leasing was established in 2002 The Company is a part of Corporate Investment Business-leader in the international investment banking sector in Russia. VTB Leasing operates in Russia, Ireland, Cyprus, and Belarus, with headquarters in Moscow
VTB Leasing was established in 2002 The Company is a part of Corporate Investment Business-leader in the international investment banking sector in Russia. VTB Leasing operates in Russia, Ireland, Cyprus, and Belarus, with headquarters in Moscow VTB Leasing is the largest leasing company in Russia: №1 for market share of the leasing market** №1 of the railway segment** №1 of the aircraft segment** №1 of the lorries segment** №1 of the leasing investments and assets in operating lease According to the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations, LEASEUROPE, VTB Leasing is among Europe’s top 23 leasing companies and a top 3 leasing company in terms of portfolio size, according to Expert RA and Leasing Revue. * VTB Capital Ratings and Awards ** according to Fitch Ratings, 2018 Read more at http://vtb-leasing.com/
Russian Railways is one of the largest rail companies in the world with huge volumes of passenger and freight transportation. The company has high ratings, qualified specialists in all the spheres of the rail business, extensive scientific and technological basis, project and construction facilities, experience in international cooperation.
100% of the stock of the company operating the railways network as long as 85,3 thousand kilometers belongs to the Russian Federation. Every year Russian Railways carries more than 1 billion passengers and ships up to 45,3% of the country's cargo turnover (including pipelines). Russian Railways belongs to the top 3 of the leaders of the rail industry of the world. The major objectives of the company – to ensure the demand off the state, legal units and the people in rail transportation, work and services rendered by the rail transport, as well as bringing profit. The company’s mission is to meet the market demand for transportation services, increase efficiency, quality of services and deep integration into the Eurasian transport system. Read more at http://eng.rzd.ru/

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